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Everyone wants to become successful and desire to live a happy and prosperous life with their family. All men are doing some job and business to earn money. There are so many professions in this world, ranging from sanitary workers to Space scientists. Every field of work has its qualities, but one business that is growing up so fast as compared to any other company is e-commerce.

According to a survey, 40% of the world population connected with sales and their marketing. No one can rule in this profession before knowing about the ABC’s of this field; for this, a lot of universities offering different programs to their students worldwide.

So how to find new customers and increase sales and business by generating more and more customers from all over the world.

First of all, we have to create some interests in the customers that force them to visit our website or click over ads to know about our product. At this point, we can say that a man is interested in our product from this step. The excellent website blogging and description of the product automatically compel to order your products.

According to the statistics, live chat and chat bot lead more customers as compared to something else. Live chat should be available for 24 hours if your budget is a constrain then develop a chat-bot that deals with your customer instead of operator working in 3 shifts.

At the end of the customer visit, chat bot work to engage customers by greetings and appealing dialogues again. But here are some key points, or we can say the mixture of all studies that helps you to lead in the world in 2020.

1. Chat bot –

This is a new technique used by most of the companies to attract more customers by engaging them in informative and interesting facts about a product. Chat bots leads one’s sales to the next level as compared to a website without a chat bot. Nowadays, different kinds of a chat bots are being used in various apps like Messenger, Instagram etc.

It works like a responsible and cooperative staff that always ready to help customers  24/7. It’s an alternative to live chat because you or your employees are not available most of the time to reply to customers for this purpose chatbot will automatically replace live chat and treat a customer.

A chatbot is no doubt are a game-changer in the field of lead generation in E-commerce; it directly engages a customer by greetings verbal and non-verbal when they are just going to leave an online buying application.

Now a day’s many people are discussing the language and mood of speaking suitable for a chatbot to attract an audience and keeping them engaged for a while. We all know that everything looks beautiful in their natural beauty, so most of the chatbot is made with simple language but appealing for customers. 

  • Make sure that the chat bot is designed professionally to provide good user experience,
  • Don’t add too much fancy elements (images, GIFs, clips). Keep the bot simple and professional,
  • Add Email contact or phone contact element in the end so that the un-solved query is captured and the user is assured for the solution.

Sign up at MooSuite and create a professional chat bot for Facebook that will enable you to create a professional Chat bot for your business. 


2. Advertisement / Marketing of Product –

Second, and the most crucial step while launching a new product in the market. It’s a great matter of discussion of how you portray your products while marketing. right marketing strategy helps to get leads. It’s not important how good your product is but how you present it to your customers. This decides the future of your company as well as products.  

The first thing you should keep in mind while marketing that you should know about your customer, its demands and trends. If we sell our product according to the needs of customers, it will promote your business very quickly.

There were different types of ways used in the past like pasting pictures, distribution of pamphlets and showing on hoarding as well, but in the 21 century, this world is digitized and make the world globe. Scientific research and inventions in the field of technology makes it more comfortable for us to launch and market our products in all spheres of the world through Facebook, YouTube and online selling and buying websites.

According to a survey by the A.Guttmann United States of America spend $50 million on ads while marketing their products worldwide, especially Asian countries, China secure 2nd position in this case. An average person usually bombarded with 1700 ads per month through different social media platforms.

Here are some suggestions to improve your service and lead in sales through advisement and ads.

  • Target to directly hit the mind and heart of your customers through some funny and emotional ads and dialogue.
  • Work nothing and show more strategy can be applied while marketing.
  • Always use top-ranking sites for ads; this will help you to cover the majority of the people.
  • Try a different way of launching your campaign.
  • Introduce some exciting offers for your customers.
  • Hit the weak point of your customers to get the attraction.

Re-target smartly and on cross platform to get leads. One such tool is Switchy. It will enable you to re-target your visitors on cross-platforms like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc.

Why Should I re-target?

Re-target results in x10 Retargeted Ads CTR, and +70% Conversion rate of re-targeted users. These  figures are amazing, isn’t it?

Use the below Calculator and check how much sale you can increase just by re-targeting 

Increase in Sales Calculator


3. Statistical Data and Analysis –

This will help you to know about your customers, and give you a rough idea about customer interests. Help someone to find out the sales of their last month. It keeps customer records for future use and helpful in launching new products in the market after seeing the interest of your consumers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) database is beneficial while identifying the potential customers that can help you to lead generation. We can know about the target audience that most interested in buying our products.

A businessman that works after seeing and applying all statistics having a better chance to get successful as compared to others. Some suggestions to calculate statistics and for promoting a product.

  • Analysis of product sales before the launch of an offer.
  • Analysis of product sales after the launch of an offer.
  • Through this data, we can easily hit the people that are interested in our product.
  • Statistics data used to know about the target audience.
  • We can quickly know which area in a country is more interested in our product.
  • This information used to post new ads.
  • The email addresses of your customers help to engage them continually.

The last but not the least step in making a carrier and get lead in sales by introducing more improvements in the products. We can add or remove something in our product to improve the quality of the product according to consumer demand.

A series of products can be launched to attract customers and promote business. Most of the companies using this trick in the world, just like a series of mobiles with light changes in camera and memory. 


4. Good Servicing –

After the advertisement for a product, the next step that you have to focus more on is the service you provide to our customers when they visit your website or concerned office for knowing more about the things. Deal every customer with love and offer them your best services. This will help to promote your business in the world.

 According to the statistical analysis, a well-satisfied customer tells about his experience 4 to 5 people, but a dissatisfied customer shares his experience with 9 to 15 people. So always keep your eyes and head open. A simple but good trick you already have seen by using some salesperson in the past, they only offer water and tea to their customers. No doubt, this truck works very well, but we can’t provide this thing in the world of globalization when everything deals online. 

 It’s not just a great product that makes your excellent business services also having its importance, for this always recruit kind-hearted staff that have experience of dealing in the field of sales. All human beings attractive to love and humanity, so treat them humanely to get success in your sales.

A customer with satisfied services buys more things as compared to an unsatisfied customer, so put your 70% energy in servicing your customer. Top ranking companies and product seller give you one thing that is excellent service that compel you to buy products.

In excellent services, the first thing includes it’s your website, how you design it, and what kind of blog you have related to your products. If your website and blogs are appealing, then automatically, it leads generation by engaging new customers. The second thing that tells someone about your excellent services is your live chat and chatbot, how they react and reply to your customers.

Here are some critical steps that help a business person while designing its services.

  • Greetings and best wishes for online customers.
  • Thank you so much at the end of a conversation or after receiving an order.
  • Keep your customer update about your products. 

5. Delivery of product –

Timely delivered products promote your customer and business as well. This step, no doubt, has its importance; we can’t neglect the importance of the delivery system while running a sales business. The delivery system also includes how you packed your products, use fragile stickers for soft things etc. One more thing that creates your bond with the customer is the latest update of things in delivery and, in the end, best wishes for the consumer after delivery.

For online delivery, there are a lot of services working in the world on global as well as state level. If a businessman launched his products in the world, then they have to select a proper insured comprehensive courier service for fast delivery to their consumer. DHL Express is the number one ranking courier service that deals with 38% of the worldwide market than TNT and FedEx etc.

Some tips to make your delivery system fast and be on time.

  • Facilitate your customers with the help of some simple steps for ordering a product.
  • Speedy coordination with the concerned person who is responsible for delivering.
  • Well, in time preparation for customs clearance in case of across the world delivery.
  • Inform your customers about the progress of the delivery.
  • Shipping costs also affect in leading sales generation.
  • Inform your customers at the time of order, the estimated time of product delivery.

6. Feedback/Reviews –


How to get online sales

The last step to lead in sales but much more critical than others; it’s like the eyes of something that shows the qualities and drawbacks of your products. Customer reviews help you to improve your products in the upcoming days and making them up to the level of your consumers. The proper reply to the reviews also enhances customer and your relationship strong.

We’re in a crisis of trust… 

-Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder Hubspot

It is observed that 5 star rating online apps generate more customers, so keep your customers happy to get a 5 star rating.  Reviews play a role of attraction as well as repulsion for new customers, 85% of customer influence by previous studies.

For collecting the business reviews for your B2B product/service signup at G2 Crowd, G2 is an amazing B2B product and service reviews website.

Note: G2 is only for B2B.

Or you can signup at Trustpilot for your B2B and B2C software and service reviews. Any industry can join Trustpilot.

And if your product is a software you can list it on Capterra. It is exclusively for listing business Softwares. Capterra is one of the most trusted place for software reviews. 

If you don’t want to go for any of the products above you can still collect the testimonials. For getting proper feedback from customers, create some questionnaires or forms on a website that easily accessible to customers. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome with open-hearted. It’s a simple thing that no one can be perfect in this world, there are some flaws in every product, but through proper feedback, we can make them complete and up to the standard.

 Here are some points to improve your service and lead to sales in the world.     

  • Reply to your customer’s complaints well in time and satisfy them.
  • Feedback against your products are also welcome, keep a record and eradicate product problem in the next lot.
  • Feedback is the only thing that acts as a lead generator for your product.

Keep in mind, adding false reviews will hurt your reputation badly, its completely okay to start from zero! Rome was not built in a day!

Conclusion –

I Hope this article will help you to get leads. Lead generation is not as easy as it looks, it’s a complicated and long term process, but one can easily get led by focusing on his customers and by working hard. A lot of social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest can be used to promote sales. Advertisement full of beautiful and outclass product display offer attract more customers. Offer different kinds of discounts and special offers to your consumers after some time that keeps customer contact with your product. Top ranking and five star online buying websites often generate more customers, try your best to provide help and assistance to the audience while buying something.

Customer service can be improved by simplifying your order process, offer reasonable prices with discounts and shipping timescale (appropriate) will help you to promote business and lead sales in the world.

We should know about new strategies that already tested and provide the best results by generating leads. Post up to date blog about your product and write down the specifications and details of products. Last but not least, excellent service is the most important thing to get more and more customers that helps you to lead sales in the market.

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Ayush Mishra is the founder of Pro Blogging. He looks after the copywriting and SEO at MooSuite.

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